Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My 7 Tips On Money Saving

    I meet a lot of people who struggle to make ends meet or who are up to their neck in depths and credits. I was in a similar situation, until I started looking into my spending habits. Then I realised that I don't need to earn more money (well, I don't mind earning more), I need to save more. First thing I did was looking into the tips of people who have already gone (successfully) through that. And there are many bloggers out there who share their experience. Kudos to all of them for making it. So here is what I picked up on the road and my attempts on money saving.

  • Subscribe for online brochures – follow offers and discounts and stock up on products you use regularly. Make a shopping list and stick to it on your next trip to the store. Also, don't shop for food on empty stomach. Trust me on this one, it really makes difference.
  • Use as much coupons, discount/ club cards, and offers as you could. Of course, don't buy stuff you don't need. I hate to pay full price for anything :)
  • Last year I started the 52 weekly money challenge, but I was doing it backwards. You can really do it in your own way, like £25 per week or whatever suits you. Set an amount you can put away every month. Before quitting it midyear last year (which I truly regret now) I have saved nearly £500.  
  • Cut the credit cards - actually I have never had one. If possible pay up and close all you credit cards/accounts. Why paying interest? Use debit cards instead. 
  • Sell your unnecessary stuff – easiest way is online (ebay, etc.). Or exchange with someone. You literally get money for your trash.
  • Saying that, an option I'm planning on trying this year is Cash for Cans. There are over 300 centres across UK, where you get paid for your aluminium cans.
  • Don't buy! Simple as that. Think about it - do you really need the latest model smartphone every year? Do you need to throw away the old rug just because its colours look faded or it has stains? A cheaper alternative would be to simply get steam carpet cleaning service. Professional steam sanitising kills all bacteria, removes all dust and dirt, plus is eco-friendly and perfectly safe for children and pets. Look for a local carpet cleaner in your area. You can usually get a discount of some sort.
I hope some find this helpful. I am looking forward to other money saving tricks. So please, feel free to share them in the comments. 

Stay positive :)

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