Wednesday, 29 July 2015

These things you've heard about health are not true!

Too many talks about health, healthy lifestyle and healthy tips might eventually become not so beneficial, but harmful. Such a risk comes, when a health myth gets spread either among people, or in internet. Everyone begins believing in it without even knowing how badly this can affect his overall healthy condition. And these things you've heard about health are not true, either:
  • It is good for your health to drink vitamins. It is not good to drink or consume too many products that are bought from the drug store. These vitamins are not even proved to help you in anything. Eat your vitamins or drink fresh juices, not pills.  
  • You do not have to eat anything, if you have a high temperature. On the contrary – if you put even more pressure on your weakened organism, do not expect to get cured that fast. Sip up on a bowl of chicken soup.

  • Too hygienic home place worsens your health. OK, there are some studies saying it, but leaving some rooms dirty will not make you healthier at all. So, yes, you do still need to hire domestic cleaning company Leicester!
  • Stretching before and after a training reduces the risk of getting a trauma.  The trauma risk is hidden in your overweight and improper training.
  • Every person must drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Actually, if the weight is very little, too much water will not be ok for the body. Also, you take water with food, too - so this recommended amount includes all liquids you consume, whether drink it or eat it.
  • Toxic detergents kill the germs better than natural remedies. If this was so, then why even professional carpet cleaners Leicester apply eco-friendly products?

  • Regular visitations to the doctor will keep you alive for longer. Actually, there are some pains and sickness that do not even need to be cured with drugs or therapies. Actually, the drugs may do you more harm than these conditions!
Health is when your body feels ok, not when the doctor says what to drink or eat!
Stay positive!

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