Monday, 25 January 2016

How to decorate with quilts without looking old-fashioned?

Everyone has their lovely handmade vintage looking quilts – whether given as a gift from your grandmother or you just found out you actually have some after cleaning the wardrobe. These sentimental pieces of family history can be turned into some decorations for your contemporary home, making it even cozier. The best part – you won’t look old-fashioned!

Alright, imagine you are done with your regular chores – your house is all neat and tidy. But still something is missing to make it feel like real home to you. The time has come – pull the quilts out of the closet! Here are some ideas how you can make the best of your quilts:

  • Use them as a bed cover - don’t worry if there are too many patterns – the more the better. Just make sure your furniture is not aggressive in colour and it all looks natural together.
  • Make a pretty sofa decoration - if you just place it on one of the sides it will look interesting and appealing. Still, don’t forget to call the upholstery cleaning company Ashford frequently so your sofa is not only impressive thanks to the quilts but it’s also kept clean.
  • Be really outstanding and frame it – why not? It’s a brave decision but if you have a large wall without any paintings or you just feel like something new – hang it as an art fixture. The fact that you are mixing old and new will make your quilt look interesting and still your modern home will have a warm touch. And mind the fact that probably some Ashford rug cleaning methods can be used as well for taking care of the delicate material the quilt is made of - keep it clean.
  • Think of it as an actual piece of history – it is known that quilting dates back for centuries. It was a social event with groups of women that were creating together beautiful handmade decorations for their homes.

Think twice before getting rid of your quilts. By using them as a decoration - not only you are making your home exquisite but you are immortalizing this old craft!

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