Thursday, 18 February 2016

How To Use Old Pantyhose In Household Tasks

You have some old pair of pantyhose for sure as they are in the fashion trends because of their interesting prints and different colours. However, despite their great looks, they have one main disadvantage – they tear easily. But next time you come upon this situation, better don’t throw your pantyhose away – you can use them in various ways. Read on and you may find some ideas to apply later.
  1. You can find your lost items – small things like contact lenses and earrings are really hard to find. If you put some pantyhose over your vacuum cleaner's hose, you will successfully find your lost item. The pantyhose will catch it before it goes into the vacuum cleaner – simple like that!
  2. You can clean dust from inconvenient spaces such as under your refrigerator. Tie pantyhose over your broom’s head and you will easily capture any dust, dirt and allergens. Consider this advice from professional domestic cleaners!
  3. In order to keep the soil from seeping out of the flower-pots water holes, try using old pantyhose as a sieve. Before you fill your pot with soil, put a piece of pantyhose on the bottom. The soil will not produce any mess and the water will be still able to drain. You know how hard it is to clean soil from your carpets – doing this will save you from booking carpet cleaning procedures. Thank you, pantyhose!
  4. You can remove your nail polish without wasting cotton balls every time you need to take care of your manicure. Use a piece of pantyhose and your nail polish will come off easily.
  5. You can wrap your rolling pin with pantyhose next time you decide to bake cookies. The moist flour will not stick to the pin and the process of baking will be effortless!

Think twice before tossing your old pantyhose – you didn't know all these helpful uses existed, did you?

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