Thursday, 7 July 2016

Online News vs Good Old Newspaper – Pros and Cons

Nowadays we live in the era of technological breakthroughs and new devices, aimed at making out lives easier are launched literary every week. We can hardly imagine living without a smartphone or having a limited access to the Internet. Due to the fast development of technologies many professions are expected to disappear in the next couple of years.
Speaking of the opportunities the Internet gives, we basically have all information we need at our fingertips.
We can communicate with friends and relatives living abroad for free, we can exchange pictures, buy stuff online and inform ourselves for events happening a million miles away. As for the exchange of information and the numerous websites publishing news, they are considered a two-blade knife. The news websites took over and the old-known printed newspapers now seem an old-fashioned way of keeping yourself up to date with the events happening in your town, country or around the world. Here are a few pros and cons of reading the news online and having a copy of the local newspaper delivered to your mailbox every morning:

  • You are probably aware that every information you find on the web should be taken with a pinch of salt. In other words, the news you read on the Internet is said to be less trustworthy than those published in a reputable newspaper. Plus, if you take a look at news regarding the same topic in more than one source of information, you will see that they are copied or the vocabulary used in the main source is slightly altered and published in multiple websites.
  • Depending on the websites you visit and the information you search for, the searching machines can “second guess” your preferences. In other words, the news feed will be customised and adjusted to your interests, so as soon as you open your browser, you will come across stuff that is actually useful to you. The Internet gives you the opportunity to read news you are actually interested in. Although newspapers base their materials on various surveys that determine how many people are affected by a certain issue, there is a high chance of skipping the article you might find newsworthy. If you are interested in sport, you can check a sports news website. If you would like to know more about financial matters, you can check a financial website while the newspaper provides you with information regarded as relevant by the editors’ team.
  • However, the higher trustworthiness of the newspapers does not come for free. In order to buy a printed copy, you have to set aside a small amount of your budget for the day. On the next day, the newspaper becomes a useless piece of paper unless you take advantage of its applications around the household or use the sheets as floor protectors when you book painting services or use it as a pantry liner.
  • Have you ever thought what has made the printed versions of the newspaper so popular? The newsroom where journalists gather to exchange ideas and discuss what should be included in the next issue. Namely, the lack of a physical newsroom is considered the main reason why online editions are considered less reliable than the printed ones. Can you name an online newspaper that publishes materials and opinions of the readers? In most cases, readers are allowed to leave a comment under the article, but the so-called trolls usually post inadequate comments tarnishing somebody’s reputation and leading to confusing conclusions other readers can come to.
  • According to various surveys, the audience is more likely to trust an advertisement, posted in the newspaper rather than an irritating ad popping up on the screen for no apparent reason. For the time being, advertising your products and services remains the preferred advertising method although the audience it reaches is narrower as compared to the Internet consumers. 
  • Although online editions are often accused of providing the audience with unreliable, incomplete information, a few exceptions apply. For example, if your favourite newspaper is available in both printed and online version, there is no need to be suspicious as the materials published in the printed issue are simply available in online format, which boosts its popularity as a reliable source of information and makes it accessible to more people.
There are many pros and cons of reading the news online and buying a printed version. When you try both alternatives, you will see which one suits you best. If you feel uncomfortable reading a newspaper in the crowded metro station, load the online version. If you prefer waking up in the morning, sitting on the patio, having a breakfast and reading the local newspaper, don’t cancel your subscription, even if the Internet is overflowing with news concerning your local community.

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