Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Light Flooring or Dark Flooring at Home? – Pros and Cons

One of the biggest dilemmas when it concerns installation of new flooring is the constant battle between light and dark flooring. Along with what type of wood and what finish should be applied, the colour remains one of the biggest considerations. It can change the vibe of the whole premises so picking the suitable one for your home is of great importance. How should you decide whether you should choose light or dark flooring?
In order to make a well-informed decision, read on and find out the pros and cons of both:
  • Let`s begin with light flooring – it seems that it has always been popular! Most of the homeowners enjoy having bright living space and the fundamental element of achieving this is the light floor. It suits both modern and traditional homes and provides a unique atmosphere. On the other hand, dark flooring gained popularity in the recent years and homeowners that are more style-oriented were amazed by the rich palette of dark wood flooring. The natural wood textures and grains can be seen more clearly and it gives a luxurious and elegant touch to any room.
  • Dark hardwood floors hide imperfections better – if there is a water stain, a gap or a knot, the floor will cover them up. Even if the flooring is old and started drying out, therefore, expanding and contracting, the shadows will camouflage these problems. Dark colours instantly add a dramatic appeal and state a personality. You should also know that the room may seem smaller and if you are already tight on space you should be careful when installing dark flooring. An esteemed flooring contractor says that light floors hide dirt, dents and scratches better. However, if you really love dark-coloured wood, try going a shade lighter (for instance, if you like ebony, pick jacobean). When you install dark flooring, make sure you apply a satin finish as it shows the imperfections less. Don`t forget to take off your shoes at the door – this will help you enjoy your dark wooden flooring for longer.
  • Now, about light-coloured flooring – there are a lot of advantages when it comes to installing light hardwood floors. They open up any space, making it feel more spacious and brighter. They are never out of style! Light flooring, such as yellow birch or white oak, is suitable for rooms that are prone to high traffic. No matter if you choose such type for your kitchen or playroom, it will look equally good and it will provide resistance to scratches and dents. Right now, having bigger and wider planks are very trendy as customers want to achieve more natural flooring effect. Another benefit of light floors is that they complement almost any type of furniture which means that you can`t go wrong with them. If you want to see some samples and ask a professional for some advice, visit your local flooring showrooms.
  • One of the most popular questions that people usually ask when installing a floor in the kitchen is which of the options – light or dark flooring – will look better with the cabinets. The advice of the professional decorators is to choose contrasting colours. In other words, if you have light cabinets, choose dark flooring and vice versa. Achieving a nice contract will bring a unique feel of cosiness and style.
  • Which are the shades of wood that are best if you are a dog owner? As we already mentioned, light hardwood flooring hides scratches better so if you have a busy household (read small children, pets and a lot of foot traffic) so it will be your safe bet. However, this doesn`t mean that you can`t install dark flooring – our professional installers recommend applying an extra coat of polyurethane for added resistance.

To conclude, both light and dark wood flooring are a great investment for your home. They both have their benefits and they will retain their value good in case you are planning to sell your house at some point. When you have light or neutral walls, choose a dark floor for dramatic contrast. If your room is not provided with much natural lighting, you are not advised to rely on the dark palette. If you are more of a clean freak and would not bear the sight of dust bunnies on the floor, choose light flooring – it always appears immaculate. If the room is dull, installing a light floor can drastically improve the whole impression of the area. Make up your mind or simply rely on your intuition - you can`t go wrong!

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