Friday, 16 September 2016

How Your Floor Can Make You Sick

Many people tend to ignore their flooring once it has been installed. This negligence towards the floor is impermissible – you pay attention to the safety requirements of your furniture and appliances and you should do the same when it concerns the potential dangers that your flooring may provide. In this article, you will learn what to look for and which are the materials that are known to be potentially dangerous.
  • You probably know that carpets and other padded soft materials are prone to hold small dust and dirt particles. Every time you walk on your carpet, you blast them off into the air and worsen the indoor quality air. This means that such conditions are dangerous for the allergy sufferers in your family as they are vulnerable to respiratory problems.
  • If you have installed vinyl floors, you are probably aware of the so-called VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals). Some man-made manufactured flooring materials include in their makeup chemicals which can be harmful to humans. They can break away and fill the air with VOCs – each flooring product can emit a different volume of these harmful particles depending on the exact makeup. Usually, the culprit for VOC`s is known to be vinyl but sometimes they can come from the adhesives used in the carpet installation. They can cause even asthma over time so you should always make sure you buy vinyl flooring from a qualified material source. Make sure to ventilate the space thoroughly after the installation – this may take from a couple of days up to several weeks so you can be sure that no hazardous substances are present in the air.
  • Believe it or not, some of the most serious health issues may arise from the impact of floor cleaning detergents. Many manufacturers claim that their products are safe for use but they may trigger some problems – you can`t expect a cleanser to do a perfect job without containing a long list of toxic chemicals. These powerful substances enable detergents to be efficient against dust, dirt and stains but breathing these chemicals in may be harmful to your lungs and air passages. This is why you should always clean with a mask and even gloves so your hands are covered for extra protection, too. You can also adopt some natural cleaning methods for a peace of mind – you can`t go wrong using homemade solutions!
  • It is needless to mention that because flooring covers the entire interior of your home, a lot of materials are used for a proper installation. These materials often have an effect on the environment as toxic substances get into water and soil. A reputable flooring company should always be environmentally-conscious – not only in terms of keeping the waste to the minimum but also to provide the natural flooring options from sustainable sources. Otherwise, besides from harming the environment, you also become a victim of the negligent way a floor is produced and installed.
  • Most floors have a smell – you know the distinct scent of a natural hardwood floor. However, there are some other types of flooring that have an unpleasant smell – materials such as recycled rubber may not be dangerous for you but their specific odour may not be suitable for more sensitive people and make it inconvenient for them. Small spaces usually feel very uncomfortable so a good ventilation should be provided occasionally.
  • Many flooring types are susceptible to liquid penetration especially when they are porous. Water itself can cause a lot of damage but what can make the environment hazardous for you is the fact that mould and mildew can easily develop. The spores that cause them can cause serious respiratory problems. Many people wrongly believe that mould and mildew only appear on carpets but they can live under any wet floorboard. If you are an allergy sufferer you may develop even skin rashes. If you are living in a warm climate, your flooring is particularly susceptible to mould. You should also be careful with ceramic tiles as they may develop mould in between the grout of the tiles. Try fighting the issue with homemade solutions such as white vinegar and tea tree essential oil.
  • Your floor can cause you harm not only by making you sick. You can also become a 'victim' of your floors because of their physical properties. Slips and trips are as dangerous for your health as an allergy reaction. This is why you should be especially careful when you choose the flooring solution for your kitchen and bathroom. Make sure that they are slip-resistant. For your living room and bedroom choose a padded product such as rubber, carpet or cork flooring. Safety should always come first!
There are many ways in which you can act smart and eliminate potential health risks caused by your flooring. Always seek professional help before installing a new floor – make sure you are aware of all the possible hazards which may appear in the process!

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