Thursday, 19 March 2015

My (Not) Spring Cleaning Tips

     Spring starts tomorrow! Yay! Fresh green grass, clean air, blooming trees. Also this puts the start of the seasonal a.k.a. spring cleaning! Frankly, I don't understand the logic of it - so I am suppose to not maintain my home the whole winter and then make it shine in one day? I'd rather do a task every week than to perform something with the intensity of end of tenancy cleaning, when I can take a walk in a sunny day.
Ok, enough ranting. I'll share some of my cleaning tricks - not spring, rather those extra few things I do monthly or fortnightly.

  • First is the way to approach - I tend to start from the top and go downwards. For example, I dust off the ceiling fans and light fixtures first, because I don't want dust to fall on already polished table or floor. I end up with baseboards and floors. This way I don't have to re-clean objects.
  • It's important to clean the appliances that help you in everyday cleaning and maintaining - dishwasher, washing machine, even vacuum cleaner. There are various recipes on the Internet for home-made natural dishwasher cleansers and stuff. Here is en example.
  • Cleaning oven, stove or microwave is a thing I do after every meal or once a week. I find that wiping the oven while still warm (not hot!) gives me best results. Getting rid of 2-month burnt grease requires the competence of a professional cleaner.
  • Bathroom is world's least favourite place to clean. Yet, we get in the shower to come clean out of it, don't we :) I take a bottle of cleaning vinegar (works on tiles, grout, chromed parts) and quickly spray the shower enclose in the morning. The lime-scale (which is responsible for bacteria build-up) simply washes down with  my evening shower.
  • One of the few things I use harsh chemicals on is the toilet bowl. As with the shower, I pour some bleach all over it and in it and wash it down in the evening.
      Ok, folks, these are a few thing I do frequently instead of waiting till Spring. I hope all had done their cleaning and can take a walk in the nature on the weekend.
Stay positive :)

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