Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Easy ways to decorate the fireplace you don’t use

The fireplace is perhaps your favorite place at the house during the winter months. However, if for some reason you don’t use your fireplace, you can decorate it. Here are some better ways than covering it with that tri-fold screen everybody is using. You are welcome to try some of these ideas.

  • DIY fireplace screen. You can make your own unique screen just by using an old window. If you don’t have any old windows you can visit a second hand shop or the local car-boot sale. The window will look very good. 
  • Custom made screen. You may already have your old fireplace screen, but what if it doesn’t go with the style of your house? Well, this time you just have to spray some paint on the screen and get the colour you want. 
  • Choose candlelight. This is the perfect way to enjoy the light from the fireplace throughout the year. All you need to do is to arrange a lot of candles in the fireplace. You can be creative and arrange the candles in whatever pattern you like. It’s a good idea to make a cleaning list in which you can include cleaning the candle wax and give it to your domestic cleaners Nottingham.
  • Buy a unique fireplace screen. If your old fireplace screen is just not classy enough to match the rest of the interior, then you can always buy some unique screen that would. If you want to keep track of the latest design trends, try brushed nickel or silver screen design. On the other hand, a glass screen won’t block the view of the burning fire.

Try some of these decoration ideas and turn your fireplace into and a piece of art. Once you see the end result, you will not regret the efforts you have put into finishing your project.

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