Friday, 4 December 2015

Polishing of limestone flooring - what experts do?

Do you know, that limestone is a sedimentary rock? It has granular surface, which is very smooth. When it comes to the hardness, it varies. This wonderful material is appropriate for tiled surfaces, countertops and of course, floors. What are the colours of limestone. It comes in neutral shades such as white, yellow, gray, brown, black.
Thanks to limestone polishing the natural features of this material will be revealed.
Compared to granite or marble, limestone is more easily polished. Despite the excellent stone polishing, according to floor polishing experts, this material needs impeccable hygiene maintenance too. Let’s see what experts do and how they deal with limestone floor polishing:

  • Preparation of the flooring is essential. All the dust should be removed with the help of vacuum cleaner or broom. There should be no more dirtiness or debris. Comprehensive floor cleaning is extremely important for successful start of the procedure.
  • For the floor polishing experts use mineral oil. This is crucial, because there are polishes which contain hazardous amounts of wax. Wax will cause yellowing of the stone with time. Professional floor experts Nottingham apply the mineral oil to a clean washcloth and proceed to polish the surface in a circular motion.
  • There are also experienced floor polishing companies which use specialised high pressure hot water extraction unit. This machine ensures the most effective limestone steam cleaning method, there is no doubt about that. 
  • Keep in mind, that effective and thorough cleaning is very important for a smooth finish and proper sealing. Rely on expert floor polishers if you want long-lasting results and magnificent final results. Expert carpet cleaners Nottingham won’t help you in this case. 

Now you know what to do when you need limestone polishing - just find a certified floor polishing provider and ask them if they polish limestone floors.

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