Tuesday, 24 November 2015

How to eliminate dust mites?

At a time when allergies are among the most common diseases seen among children there is hardly a parent who is not familiar with the topic of mites. Not surprisingly, there is a large number of mites that cause various allergies seen in children. Only a few decades ago this topic was not discussed much, but the fact is that allergies are now much more prevalent than before. Along with seasonal allergies to pollen, allergies caused by dust mites are also among the most common. To be able to fight with them, it’s not important to purchase costly medications that you might encounter in any pharmacy. It is uncertain whether they will help you or your child. More important is to remove the cause of the allergy, because in many cases allergies grow. It is important to know what kind the mites are and how we can get rid of them. Here are more details:

  • Mites are spider-like creatures that are not at all sympathetic. Dust mites are microscopic creatures that feed on the dead skin of people and their pets. Although these small insects do not transmit disease, they are especially dangerous for people prone to allergies and children.

  • Most often mites live in mattresses, in furniture and linen, but because they are too small, they can not be seen with the naked eye. Therefore professional upholstery cleaning Chelsea is very important. Keep in mind, that experts do it with specialised hot water extraction equipment.

  • The best way to get rid of mites is to regularly clean not only your home of dust, but to use high-quality vacuum cleaner and cleaning of mattresses, sofas, armchairs, carpets. Turning to a professional carpet cleaning company Chelsea is not shameful, but mandatory if you want to remove dust mites.

  • In the specialized pharmacies and shops special products against mites are available, which are readily available and not very expensive. Note, however, that when you use them, you must have a mask and strictly follow the instructions on the product packaging.

  • Another option that experts recommend is to use a vacuum cleaner with water filter. This is probably the best method for destroying mites, but unfortunately is not available to everyone.

No matter what approach you choose, remember that mites may occur again, so that prevention and better house cleaning are required.

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