Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Refresh your bathroom with stylish accessories

Accessories, selected with taste, can transform beyond recognition every bathroom - even the bathroom that needs repair. And if you have no desire or ability to replace tiles, bath or sanitary utensils, give new life to your bathroom with decorative bottles, shells, scented candles and cozy rugs. Here are some ideas:
  • Candles and candleholders. The use of candles in the decor is a favorite method of many designers. It is both cheap and profitable approach to any interior in different styles. Place, for example, a candle and a mirror in one corner of the bathroom. If you want to create a sense of romance, let the candles be red, but if you prefer sea motives, a combination of white and blue will be a great solution! Many extravagant candles are decorated with black and white stripes that mimic the skin of a zebra.
  • Glassware. Transparent containers made of glass, filled with decorative sand or small pebbles, will brighten the interior of your bathroom. Jars of sea salt can also be used.
  • Decorative towels. Soft towels in the bathroom create a feeling of warmth and comfort in it. You can decorate with small stylish towels that are just for beauty. Choose your ideal design and colors. If you like minimalist interior, rely on bright and one-ton tissue.
  • Soap and other hygiene products. Except for carpet cleaning detergents, visit the stores to take a look at the huge selection of soap! There is a big variety of shapes, sizes and colors which are offered. Soap in the form of hearts, fish and animals is a great way to add bright touch to your bathroom. Do not forget about bath blasters and figurines of salts that dissolve in the bath, they are very original and creative.
  • All these tricks will be inefficient if you forget to include the bathroom in the weekly house cleaning session.

Are you ready to renovate your bathroom with just a few fresh accessories?

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