Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Toys storage ideas

Having a child is not only a great happiness, but also a great responsibility. There are so many things to think about. Not to mention that if you live in a house rental, then the place may have some disadvantages, which you can’t change – such as the small space. And yet, this is your current home and it's up to you to make it nice and comfortable for you and the whole family. How to avoid clutter in your house? See our pieces of advice:

  • Baskets and bookshelves – this is a great idea for storage of your child’s toys, if you do not have enough drawers, for example. You can easily gather the kid’s belongings from the floor or the carpet, and put them inside the baskets. Wicker, wood or plastic baskets – there is a variety of them on the market, pick those you like the most.
  • Under the bed – the space under the bed is great for storage of board games, puzzles and anything else which is not used every day. If you have to clean up fast, then putting the toys under the bed seems like the best idea. If your kid plays mostly in her/his bedroom, then you should ensure her/him a safe and sanitised place for that. If you need some extra help in cleaning, then you could call the carpet cleaners Nottingham. After all, probably your child spends a lot of time on the beautiful fluffy rug in the room.
  • Use coach hooks and tote bags – you can find them in most of the craft shops. Write down the type of a toy every tote will contain. Hook the bags and you will see for yourself – that is a really tidy and neat way for storage your children’s toys. The kids will have an easy access to them as well. 
  • Behind-the-door organisers – you have seen them but you think that they are intended for shoes only. That is not true, you can place there whatever you want – such as your child’s toys. What is more, those organisers do not require much space and any major changes in the interior. If one day you decide to move and use end of tenancy cleaning services Nottingham, then there will not be any difficulties for you.

When you have a kid, clutter is something you will have to deal with every day. Try to include the child in the process – make it look like a game, be creative and the results will not be late!

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