Friday, 30 October 2015

The natural charm of Parquet Wood Flooring

Parquetry is widely used in building decoration – from Versailles to the halls of NBA. This kind of flooring has many values that make it preferable even today when the market offers many hi-tech engineered floorings. Parquet allows you to create unique floor pieces with just the power of your imagination, look what else you need to know about its natural charm:
  • History. Parquetry has been used since seventeenth century. It was used at first in the homes of the wealthy aristocrats because the marble that was covering the floor before made the joists underneath it to rot. Parquet gave one breathing and light solution to this problem and as addition gave opportunity to the floor artists to create beautiful shapes and patterns.
  • Materials. Though the parquetry may look just the same to your amateur eye, there are different kinds of it both in shapes of the tiles and in the wood used for it. In flooring shop Islington you can get an idea of the great diversity of wood used to make parquetry – maple, cherry, lime, walnut, pine and oak are just some of the most popular. The king of the parquet flooring materials is the mahogany as the most expensive. In the modern floors you can see also bamboo used as a parquetry material.
  • Installation. In the past people glued their parquet flooring with bitumen. Today it is done with cold adheres. Depending on if you have chosen parquet with pattern or just a plain one, you need to lay the tiles without the glue first so you can put them in the right places. If you have chosen plain model, you can start gluing them from the very beginning.
  • Maintenance. You can brush or mop your parquet floor clean but be careful with the quantity of the water, parquets like most natural wood don't like to get too wet. When choosing cleaning detergents for your floor look for specialized flooring solutions for parquetry. Carefully use vacuum cleaners too because any hard particles stuck in the brushes can scratch your floor and cause it to wear out faster.

If you choose parquetry for your floor remember that it is a delicate type of flooring. Carefully pick the cleaning methods and the things you place on it – rugs with tough underlay, furniture with sharp legs or wheels and any similar objects are a bad idea. If you suppress all the fears that your beautiful floor can get scratched, it will give you the benefit to feel like a royalty walking over it.

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