Monday, 5 October 2015

Eat slowly - check out the reasons why!

One of the main problems of life is the incredible speed of everything that happens. We constantly have to rush somewhere, so we have almost never normal breakfast or lunch. Usually feeding takes place as we quickly guzzle our mouth, while we do a bunch of work. This does not reflect well on our health. Here are more details on the topic:
  • What you need to do is to reduce the amount of food you consume and increase the time during which you chew. This will only take a few extra minutes.
  • In Italy, twenty years ago it appeared slow eating movement. This is a new way of life and there are many reasons why it is very important. One of them is losing weight. Slow eating helps losing weight because practically we eat less food. It is known that the brain needs about twenty minutes to realize that you're satiated.
  • Another reason to eat more slowly is the enjoyment that you can experience from the taste of food. When you are in a hurry and barely chew your food, you can not understand what you eat.
  • Even when you are breaking your diet and you allow some banned dessert, eat slowly, because otherwise it won’t delight you. Everybody knows that when eating quickly even the taste is not the same. The experts from your London professional cleaning company will definitely agree with us.
  • Good digestion is another reason why it is better to eat slowly. Well-chewed food is digested faster and is easier to be absorbed than huge bites.
  • Last but not least, the reason is that during slow feeding your body calms down. Thus slow eating can become a kind of meditation.
  • While eating, do nothing and try not to think for a few minutes for the thousands of problems. Carpet cleaning Twickenham may wait a little bit, correct?
Eating is a pleasure. Make it longer - you already know how.

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