Wednesday, 30 September 2015

What not to do when you buy your new home

Buying a home is a big step. Sometimes as big as getting married! Considering the prices of the properties nowadays, some bank loans for home can last more than a marriage, so there are things that you must not do no matter what
  • Overlooking the details in the contract. Make sure you have read every clause.
    All the money you pay and the state of the property should be noted in details. Be careful or you may get less for the money you pay.
  • Don't be afraid to bargain. Market works like that: Sellers say higher price than the value of the house because they want to gain more. When you are the buyer you should do the opposite so you can get a space for bargaining. Don't underestimate the place but also don't give more than you think it deserves.
  • Lift the carpet. Sometimes it is cheaper to cover something instead of repairing it. Lift the carpet and check the floors. You can find disgusting things there – dirt, holes, even insects and other vermin, things that a simple floor polishing Nottingham could not remove.
  • Cables and installations. They are potentially dangerous if the building is old. Check if and why they have been replaced. Turn the lights on when you go to see the place for a first time. Ask the agent or the owner to turn on any appliances that go with the house or the apartment. If you like the place very much ask for a second visit and bring any specialist you can get – plumber, electrician or even decorator. That's the moment when you still can give up of the purchase and a specialist can spot every little detail that may hide any big problem.
  • Movable objects. Furnished homes seem more appealing to the potential buyers so many owners and agencies prefer to put some furniture in the homes they sell. Sometimes these pieces of furniture hide mold, damaged walls or irremovable stains. If the stains on the rugs are hard, but not impossible, organize basic carpet cleaning Nottingham – remove all the furniture and wash, scrub and refresh the rugs you have.
 Any deal can be broken, but if you have doubts, better don't sign and pay anything. Take your time to “see” the sides of the home that you cannot change – location, state of the outer parts and price. Anything else can be replaced, removed or renewed.

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