Wednesday, 16 September 2015

How to choose a frying pan?

It is enough to look only the household goods at a larger store to be amazed by the wide selection of pans, large and small, shallow and deep, cast iron, Teflon-coated or stainless steel - hundreds, even thousands. How to find among them the one that we need?

  • Size. The most important thing here is the pan size to meet the diameter of the hot plate, for which you will use it.If the bottom of the pan is beyond it, the food in the center will burn and in the side it will remain raw. The reverse variant - when the pan is smaller than the heat source, is also not appropriate, because the handle will be heated, and this can lead to serious accidents.
  • Weight. According to professionals, the best pan should be heavy. It must be sustainable and to distribute heat evenly. If it is difficult to assess, in this case you can easily orient by the price. The heavier the pan, the more expensive, but also it will serve you more years. Lightweight and thin pans are easily deformed, and the food in them burns fast. Your domestic cleaners Nottingham also know that.
  • The walls. Quality pan has thick walls - about 4-5 mm. As to its height, it depends on what you use. Most universal are those whose walls are high between 3-5 cm. They perfectly cook meat and omelettes. Pan pancake must be high only centimeter and must have upright walls (which do not need to be thicker than 2 mm). Deep frying pan from type "wok" is the ideal alternative for fast and healthy frying of meat and vegetables, typical of eastern cuisine. Its narrow bottom allows to use relatively less fat. The height of the walls creates a large volume thanks to which the whole dish is prepared for minutes.
So, now you have the necessary information how to choose a frying pan. Which one is easier - to arrange a Nottingham floor polishing service or to choose the right pan?

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