Thursday, 24 September 2015

Fear of flying - how to overcome it?

Do you feel fear of flying? In the US and Western Europe there are very common, therapeutic courses to cope with the fear of flying. The other side, which is connected with the fear of flying is that of enclosed spaces, ie. claustrophobia. It is also among the most common human phobias.
Unlike many phobias - that of flying causes more sympathy and most people are willing to help, including personnel. Nobody wants panic on board. Check out some more practical advice for dealing with fear of flying:
  • Distraction. It would be nice to engage your mind with something - crosswords, sudoku books. If you can not travel alone, start a conversation with a neighbor by seat. The more you do not think where you are, the easier it will pass. Try to invent some new Nottingham carpet cleaning techniques and keep your mind easy this way.
  • If you have not practiced until now, prepare yourself with relaxation techniques like, meditation or deep breathing, as long as they are compatible with the internal order of aircraft.
  • Sleep. The plane shake is not so comforting as a train or car, but if you fear, do not drink excitatory beverages and try to drift. Making night flights is also a good solution.
  • Critical moments. For many people the fear of flying is concentrated on takeoff, landing or turbulence. Yes, these certainly are not the most pleasant moments of the flight. Consider that, these sensations are primarily physical. This discomfort has completely rational dimensions.
  • Be careful with food. If you travel with a long flight, it is particularly important what food is available in the aircraft. Sometimes it can be a real chemical cocktail and we have no idea what we are served. So, do not take chances to eat indiscriminately, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. Tomatoes, alcohol, fried food - these foods cause heartburn and should be avoided. Drink water, not juices and carbonated drinks. Your house cleaners Nottingham will give you the same advice.
Do not give in to fear. With each flight make yourself believe that everything is fine, it's just time to rest and dream and nothing bad will happen to you.

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