Thursday, 10 March 2016

How to Clean Baby Toys and Stuff

We all want the best for our kids. We make great effort to pick up the most comfortable crib or the prettiest toy. This is a heavy feather in the family budget and any low-cost alternatives are highly appreciated - like putting back in use the outgrown clothes from the first kid or buying a used stroller.
Since kids put everything in their mouth, every item is covered with baby saliva or food, which gives germs suitable environment to grow. Therefore, whether you buy baby goods new or used, disinfection is mandatory. We know that babies need chemical-free detergents and disinfectants, so here are a few ideas on how to sanitize toys and other children belongings.
1. Clothes and linen: Many parents buy brand new clothes (and overall brand new stuff) for their firstborn. When the second or third child comes, however, they turn to sales, charities, and outgrown clothes from friends' kids. Well, clothes, bibs, sheets, fabric toys, stroller liners, crib wraps, gyms, play mats, blankets, etc. all can go into the washing machine at the setting for baby clothes wash with the usual baby-appropriate detergent you use. If your washing machine doesn't have this setting, you can go for 65 or 90 degrees C.

While 90 degrees may seem extreme, keep in mind that baby doesn't have strong immune system and therefore washing and ironing have the important role of killing bacteria and viruses. Also, you may opt for extra rinse to just to make sure all detergent is thoroughly washed away.

2. Toys: As already said, fabric toys can go in the washing machine. Stuffed toys and plushes can be washed, too - but only the plain ones. Those with talking/singing or moving mechanisms shouldn't get wet. They can be refreshed by placing them in a plastic bag with a tablespoon of backing soda and shaking well.

Plastic toys, gears, Lego blocks, rattles get a lot of floor time and germs and need a thorough disinfection. You can wash them with hot water or boil them, of course. Another option is to put them in the washing machine (you see, it's a multi-functional device) - I'd suggest to use a laundry mesh bag, because little toys and Lego block may damage the rubber seal or even worse - stuck in the engine. And who wants a non-working washing machine when it can be so useful.

I tip I picked up from a fellow mother is sanitize big plastic toys in the dishwasher. (Oh, those mommies can get quite smart)

3. Other stuff: For mattresses, try to search for manufacturer's instructions, because often cardboard and iron springs may be incorporated. If deeply moistened or washed, those can lead to mould and rust - not baby's best friend. If you can't find proper cleaning instructions, call for professional steam mattress cleaning. It removes all gunk, mites and germs without ruining the mattress. Plus, the cost is a tiny fraction compared to buying a new mattress. Same goes for pack n' play, stroller base and any part that you can't put in the washing machine.

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  1. There are lot of choices when it comes to baby goods but please choose the quality over the price since babies are the one using them.