Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Essential Rules You Should Follow When Arranging Your Furniture

A lot of things should be considered when arranging furniture. It can be a complex task if you are faced with empty room and a pile of furniture you should put in order. However, there are few simple rules you should know and you will see that it’s not that scary after all. Read on and check them out.
  • A lot of people tend to neglect the power of a focal point. Make sure you don’t have a lot of focal points in your room as this will make your eyes tire easily. Sometimes choosing it may be effortless – windows or mantels are obvious focal points that you can pick. Otherwise, you can create your own with television, for instance. Make a decision you will stick with, as you will arrange the rest of the furniture around it.
  • Pushing the furniture against the walls is not the best you can do to make your room more spacious. It sounds illogical but leaving a few inches between the backs of furniture and walls can give optical illusion and your room will look a bit bigger. Beside from that, leaving space between your sofa and the wall will make your domestic cleaning tasks easier as you will have no problem to sweep the dust behind it. Otherwise you will have to move your couch every time.
  • Consider the traffic flow of your room. Another common mistake is arranging the furniture in a way that makes people trip over it. Leave enough space so people can pass through the room without any obstacles. In addition to this, find balance and don’t group only small or large items in your room, but choose various sizes. Furnish your home in harmony and combine different shapes, too.
  • It is fundamental to create appropriate conversation areas. People should be able to talk to each other without shouting across the room. Your chairs and sofa should face each other and be situated close enough so you can have a natural conversation with the person sitting across from you and not raising your voice or craning your neck. If you are lucky and have a large room, create several conversation areas.
  • Before installing a carpet in your room you should consider the right size so you will be able to put it in a way that all of the furniture can sit on it – it looks neat. Exposing some flooring on the edges is still fine but have in mind that letting only the front legs of large items, such as couches and tables, sit on the carpet makes your room look incomplete and unnatural. Installing an area rug complements your room but it will make your carpet cleaning a little harder. You will have to pay more attention to the most vulnerable to dirt and grimes areas, such as in front of your couch and under the table. Or just call the professionals and leave your carpet in their experienced hands.
  • Have in mind that every seat should have an easy access to your coffee or side tables. It’s annoying to get up to take your drink and leaving your seat to put your cup down on the table. The recommended table height is the same level as the chair and sofa seats. If this is not possible, lower height is better.
  • When it comes to the size of the coffee table opt for big. Why is this a good idea? Because it will be both functional and aesthetic. You will be provided with place to put your drinks and some nice accessories, such as fruit basket or candles. As we mentioned, the easy access to the table is important and by choosing a large table you will achieve this result. Still, put it in a way that allows people to pass through and have enough legroom when seated.
  • Good lightning is essential for a well-arranged room. Mixing overhead lighting, table lamps and floor lamps is a great way to bring light on every level of the room. You can put a small lamp on a side table or even on your mantels – it will be a lovely accent. A floor lamp can bring a cosy touch to your room if placed next to the sofa plus you will be able to read books comfortably as you will be provided with enough lighting.
  • When choosing what artwork to hang on the wall you should be careful with the size. You can’t hang a small photo above your sofa as it will look awkward – better aim for a big portrait that is about two thirds the length of the couch. If you really want to hang tiny frames, group 3 or 4 of them together – it will look neat.
Plan ahead when you arrange your furniture. You can sketch out your idea on paper first or try some online planner. Don’t rush the process and you will be happy with the results!

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