Thursday, 7 April 2016

What’s the best flooring solution for your gym at home?

In the recent years fitness and wellness issues are becoming more and more popular and people tend to spend more time taking care of their physical shape. Going to the gym has become an essential part of the lives of millions of people over the world. However, gyms are not what they used to – they can be found not only in commercial venues but in residential properties, too. What’s better than having the comfort of your own home while you are working out? Many questions are raised because you can’t simply build a fitness centre at home. One of the most important things to consider is the appropriate flooring that would be needed. A lot of people have discovered the unique benefits that rubber flooring offers. Rubber flooring for gym applications can provide not only resistance to spills, wear and tear but enhanced levels of comfort and traction even for high-intensity workouts that you perform. Read on and see the numerous benefits a rubber floor can offer for your gym at home.
  • If you are looking for a supportive and soft flooring solution for your personal gym the answer is one - rubber flooring. Rubber is the perfect material because if offers great flexibility, elasticity and support for your body. It doesn't matter if you are a fan of aerobics or heavy weight-lifting, rubber flooring will cushion your feet, joints, legs and back. If you are doing high impact exercises on inappropriate flooring, in the long run you will suffer from severe discomfort because of the built-up stress. The softness of the rubber can help you relieve this tension so you can enjoy long and efficient workouts.
  • Why rubber flooring is the right option? Because of its slip resistance, longevity and resilience, it has been used in a lot of business premises, educational, governmental and institutional facilities. The features that this flooring solution offers are applicable both for residential and commercial flooring. Flooring contractors point out that not only these characteristics are which make it preferred by many people but the great diversity of colours and patterns this flooring type provides. Rubber floors have gained popularity because of their attractive designs that are highly-compatible with the contemporary trends.
  • Without doubt the most important aspect of installing rubber flooring for your home gym is the safety it provides. Rubber flooring sticks to most of the surfaces without the need of adhesives because it has naturally anti-slip traction. This will help you stay balanced on your feet while you are performing any high-intensity workout – doing aerobics will not present any risk of injuries as the chances of losing footing are reduced to minimum.
  • The floor protection should also be taken into consideration – you know that most of the gym equipment tends to be very heavy which means that if you have inappropriate flooring solution you may damage your floor permanently. Installation of rubber flooring over an existing surface provides extra protection layer that will prevent any form of markings, discolouration and serious cracks. This may sound unreasonable but even hard surfaces such as concrete and wood flooring can suffer a certain degree of degradation. The same goes vice versa – you can damage your workout equipment if you are working out on unsuitable floor. Some of the fitness gear that vibrate a lot may easily break because of the friction in contact with hard surfaces.
  • The comfort is definitely crucial for the means of working out. Let’s look at this example – people that work on hard surfaces daily are usually provided with rubber mats. Long-term walking on solid floors can result in degeneration of the cartilage cushioning between the joints. This is why it is so important to have a flooring solution that follows your movement. Another interesting fact is that placing a rubber mat outside of your home can protect your house from allergens and other toxic substances from being tracked into your house.
  • Rubber flooring is the best option not only when you want a quality flooring solution but environmentally-oriented one. When the rubber is recycled it is used for three basic products – playground surfaces, landscaping mulch and rubber crumb for athletic fields. Many of the rubber floors contain tough recycled rubber tire crumb – they provide excellent level of physical durability. Another fact to consider is that rubber flooring contributes to improved air quality. It turns out that rubber flooring solutions are not only extremely durable but eco-friendly, too!
  • Last but not least, as we already mentioned the market is flooded with infinite patterns and designs for rubber floors. You can bring aesthetic value to your home gym and make it look cosy and convenient – your hobby definitely deserves this respect.
Fortunately, more and more people go to workout on daily basis. If you are amongst them but you don't like crowded gyms maybe it's about time to create your personal home gym. You will be able to exercise provided with the comfort and safety of your own house. Investing money in this renovation will save you some in the long run – you know how pricey the gym’s memberships could be! In order to provide yourself with the best conditions for working out, our advice is to choose rubber flooring – aesthetically appealing, safe and convenient. In other words – everything you need for a full-bodied workout!

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