Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Marble flooring vs concrete flooring - pros and cons

When you are looking for a reliable and durable flooring for your home usually the very first options that cross your mind are two – marble and concrete flooring. If you are among these people that want to make a well-informed decision about their floors, read on and check their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Marble flooring – the beautiful designs of marble flooring is not all it provides. This natural and durable material can lend an elegant and royal look to any property. As marble possesses a translucent property this means that it can capture the light thrown on its surface – one of the reasons it has been used for centuries not only as a high-quality flooring solution but also in sculptures. It has an extremely high tolerance to polishing so the surface can be polished to brilliance at any time and the colours stand out even more. Marble is biodegradable so it won’t cause any pollution and if you are looking for an eco-friendly product this will be a great choice.
  • On the other hand, as any other product, marble has a couple of disadvantages. The main one is its price – luxury doesn’t come cheap. Every flooring contractor would tell you that the installation and maintenance of marble flooring are expensive, as keeping its constant excellence requires professional services. Another downside is that it is a slippery surface and presents a hazard, so it’s not recommended for rooms that are prone to liquid spills. Beside from that, polished marble scratches easily and as we mentioned the maintaining and repairing services are costly. In order to prevent any scratches you should forget about dragging furniture or any high heels on the marble flooring.
  • Concrete flooring – needless to say, the most praised feature of concrete flooring is its durability. You don't have to worry about damaging it - heavy furniture, pet claws or high heels can’t scratch it. Installing a concrete floor is cost-effective as the only reason to replace it would be that you are tired of its looks - you should think of it as a long-term investment. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and it’s eco-friendly as it can be recycled. Concrete flooring will give structural support on any level you want to cover.
  • What about the disadvantages of concrete flooring? If the concrete floor is not sealed moisture will seep into it which can lead to growing mold and mildew. As we pointed out, concrete is really durable but that also means it is really hard, so any accident on it may result in a serious injury. It’s not advisable to install a concrete floor in properties which elderly people and kids inhabit. Providing your home with it is an affordable procedure but have in mind that high traffic areas would need to be resealed about 4-5 times a year so be prepared to spend some extra money on its maintenance. The proper concrete grinding and polishing steps will help you achieve success with this growing commercial flooring option.
Marble and concrete are two very different materials that can be both good flooring solutions according to your needs and budget. Consider their pros and cons and make the most suitable decision for you!


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