Friday, 13 May 2016

Make your short-term rental feel like home

No matter what is the reason behind living in a short-term rental – business travel, a study exchange or a relocation for few months with the whole family – it is essential to make the place feel like home. When you don't feel comfortable at your tenement this usually results in a suppressed overall well-being – make the place cosier and create the greatest home away from home! Below you will discover few ideas how you can make the property more warm and welcoming for the length of your stay:
  • A familiar smell can help any place feel like home. As it is one of our strongest senses it can instantly recall memories and make us feel better. Candles are a rather inexpensive way to make any room feel like home. If you prefer the fancier alternative of using essential oils, invest in a oil burner. Creating a comfortable environment can be easily achieved – choose a scent that reminds you of home or just pick an aroma that is calming and relaxing such as tea tree or peppermint oil. Little did you know that you can make the best use of essential oil as you use them not only as a comforter but in cleaning. End of tenancy cleaners share that few drops of these essential oils can make the cleaning a piece of cake – they have incredible sanitising properties and fight bacteria and dirt efficiently!
  • Decorating with family photos is an easy way to feel like home. Every rental can feel personal if you put few frames of your loved ones on the shelves and nightstands. There are even removable adhesive hooks that can be used to hang the frames – you will not mess up the paint or damage the walls in the tenement. If your are willing to invest in a digital photo frame you will be able to enjoy slideshows of your beloved family and favourite memories every night!
  • Many people neglect the fact that lighting is really important – it can be one of the main reasons why you are feeling unfamiliar with the rented home. There's no need to invest a fortune – there are affordable solutions that will make you feel good and comfortable while you are inhabiting the property. There are affordable and convenient lampshades that can help you to easily adjust the lighting. Sometimes the problem comes from the fact that the light bulbs use a wattage that you are not accustomed to. Changing few bulbs can give a home-like vibe without the need to buy a new lamp – tiny investment and minimal work that bring instant cosiness.
  • Filling the fridge with your favourite snacks and food is the easiest yet efficient way to provide a property with a “homey” feeling. Simple changes like enjoying your favourite bowl of cereal in the morning rather than eating a store-bought sandwich can make the living in a short-term rental more pleasing. You can also buy a joyous mug – your coffee and hot chocolate will taste better if you are sipping from a mug you like.
  • Adding accessories can give any property a personal touch. It`s not necessary to spend a fortune or make a commitment. For instance, you can buy removable wallpapers if the current walls simply don't feel comfortable and welcoming to you. There are a lot of stylish patterns and with no efforts you will add individuality to the walls! You simply have to peel them off when you move out. Buying few small cushions to place on the sofa can really change the overall feeling in the living room. A lady that lived in a short-term rental for a couple of months shared her secret to cosiness – as in her home she had a remarkable collection of books, she tried to incorporate this into her current home. The advice she gave is to visit few garage sales and fill a bookshelf with books you would enjoy reading – small things can bring a positive spirit without breaking the bank.
  • Adding a rug for a personal touch may sound too much for some people but the investment is worth it. A small rug in the hallway or in the bathroom can turn a cold room into a cheerful space. If you want to maximise the sense of cosiness you should opt for carpets with a lot of texture and patterns. Providing the property with a rug can also protect the flooring from scratches and stains. Professionals in carpet cleaning say that rugs made of nylon fibres and wool are most durable as well as easiest to clean.
  • Last but not least, place fresh flowers and plants around! If you are not sure that you will be able to take appropriate care of them buy cacti or succulents – their maintenance is easy and you will enjoy having them for long!

Living in a short-term rental doesn`t allow you to make major changes in the interior but this doesn't mean you can't achieve a cosy and warm atmosphere. Pick the idea that will work the best for you and enjoy the home-like comfort for the rest of your stay!

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