Friday, 20 May 2016

Why wool carpet is the best for your little one?

Many people are wondering which is the best floor covering for the nursery but there is no time for hesitations – installing a carpet is definitely the most appropriate solution. Why carpet is a good idea? The most obvious reason is because it is soft. When your little one begins crawling, a nice cushioning to protect the knees is vital. When your baby grows and starts learning how to walk again a soft surface to prevent any harms from the inevitable falls should be provided. Many people claim that carpets are bad for the indoor air quality but the truth is that carpets actually prevent dust from becoming airborne where it can be easily inhaled. So in fact the carpet will help your child breathe easier. Maybe you already have installed hardwood or laminate flooring but consider having carpeted area to provide the aforementioned benefits. However, with this abundance of choice on the market, you can get easily confused and choose one just for the looks or neglect important features that should be provided. Which is the best carpet and what key elements should not be missed when choosing carpet for the nursery? We suggest wool and below you will find detailed explanation why you should opt for this material:
  • How to spot the right carpet material? Every carpet shop you visit will offer rugs made of synthetic fibres. They will have cute baby patterns and can be tempting to buy. However, even though they look good and you think they will serve their purpose the recommended materials are the natural ones. Natural fibres are the best carpet choice for the nursery still wool has few advantages that makes it one step in front of the others. Make sure that along with quality carpet you provide a good padding but skip the latex ones. If you want the safest rug for your baby, don`t worry about the softness, warmth and cushioning - simply go for the wool. Also don`t neglect the fact that when it comes to performing domestic cleaning you will need a material that can be easily maintained with no harsh chemicals. 
  • Why wool is the best material? As babies have underdeveloped immune system, they are at potential risk for synthetic fibres and chemicals that are often found in new rugs. Wool is a natural fibre and if you love to surround yourself with environmental-friendly things this would be the perfect choice. Wool is made of the hair of sheep and then processed into yarn. It can absorb and release moisture with ease as it has natural wicking properties (one of the reasons why wool is used in winter clothes). If you place a wool carpet over your hardwood flooring and you live in humid climate, it will protect it. Along with that the flame retardation quality it has, make it a great precaution. It still melts under high temperature but it doesn`t typically burst into flames – even large commercial building prefer it because of safety measures.
  • Buying a wool rug is a decent investment and you should not neglect to maintain it properly. As we mentioned it is easy to clean at home but this doesn`t mean you don`t have to book professional carpet cleaning services once in a while as the experts use special eco-friendly detergents and techniques that will make the nursery a better room for you and your little one. As the fibres of wool are thick it collects dust and grime but it can be easily hoovered or cleaned with mild solution. A great advantage is that once your little one gets in the age when messes happen on a daily basis wool will efficiently hide the dirt as the fibres are opaque and do not reflect light. Another benefit is the superior insulation it has – it will keep the energy costs down by providing a cool barrier in the Summer and warm one in the cold months.
  • A hand-knotted wool carpet will add warmth to the nursery and will be inviting for the little one. New Zealand wool is recommended as it is extremely durable but offering soft texture in the same time. They may be more expensive than the synthetic carpets but they are definitely the safer and healthier option for your baby. However, if you are on a tight budget you can choose wool/ sisal carpets that provide similar features. Typically they are dyed with food colouring offering harmless bright tones and resistance but have in mind not to expose them on direct sunlight for long so you they can serve you for longer.
Choosing the right carpet for the nursery is of utmost importance. It should bring peace and relaxed atmosphere and provide clean, soft and safe area for the little one to play. Of course, design should not be underestimated – with so many patterns on the market you can easily find the most suitable wool rug for your home!

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